How Teen Entrepreneur Veunita Garrison Flipped Her Script

By Jackie Berg
First printed in the Michigan Chronicle

VenuitaThe cover tells the story. That’s the adage of the publication industry driven by consumer appeal.

If a consumer likes what he sees on a magazine cover, he’s more likely to want to look at what’s inside, according to Juan Sifuentes, a respected industry veteran known for his award-winning designs and graphic designer of the Michigan Chronicle’s LivingWELL Magazine.

The teen founder of Doll Delish, an online fashion magazine for young women, seems to embody the importance of “cover appeal.”

The 20-year-old entrepreneur Veunita Garrison has her own back story — and it’s a good read.

Placed in foster care just three months after her birth, Garrison has surmounted many obstacles that ground others in similar circumstances.

Although she was able to spend a significant portion of her childhood with her biological father, she was a frequent ward of the foster system when circumstances prevented appropriate home care.

“The process of bouncing in and out of foster care was devastating,” she states. “It caused me to distrust people and, eventually, shut down.”Eventually, the resilient teen learned to fend for herself.

College & Later, a Career

Although she was able to enroll in college, the demands of balancing the rigors of coursework with her own personal support became overwhelming, forcing her to quit school.

Despite the set-back, Garrison continued to try to better herself. The effort led her to the Future Leaders In Progress (F.L.I.P.) program, established by the City of Detroit to promote positive pathways for youth and young adults to acquire fundamental life proficiencies, effective communication and diverse networking skills.

It was there that the teen learned how to manage her money, time and talents, as well as her graphic design skills.

Garrison’s innate leadership abilities caught the eye of program coordinators, who encouraged her to become a F.L.I.P. ambassador.

She relished the role and it’s reciprocal benefits.

During the process of molding and mentoring young teens like herself, she gained the confidence to launch her own digital fashion and lifestyle magazine, called Doll Delish.

“I want to teach young girls how to become ladies,” Garrison states. “As a F.L.I.P. ambassador, it’s my duty to give back. I credit the program with not only kick staring my career, but serving as the launch pad of my life.”