The Art of Resilience is a project aimed at exploring and celebrating the resilience of young people, families and neighborhoods in Detroit.

Our mission is to explore the meanings and effects of resilience on the development of young people, families and communities, and to celebrate stories that challenge the stigma attached to youth and under-served populations.

We want to see young people, families and communities in the Detroit area have their strengths and resilience celebrated over their challenges and what has happened to them.

The Art of Resilience Starr Summer Youth Festival is a showcase of the resilience and strengths of young people, families and neighborhoods in Detroit.

Starr Commonwealth, a child and family services agency with over 100 years’ experience in supporting children, families and neighborhoods in Detroit, is looking for partners who share an interest in recognizing and promoting the strengths of our region’s young people. By focusing on their strengths we give them a great chance of realizing their potential.

Resilience is at the core of Starr’s successful youth development programs but it is also a central part of Detroit’s identity. The city and its neighborhoods have shown great resilience over many years, and this tenacity continues to help the city to overcome its challenges.

The Art of Resilience festival is a showcase of the tremendous talents and achievements of Detroit youth and features performances in dance, music, theatre and spoken word, as well as exhibitions of visual art and film.

About Starr

Starr continues to believe as our founder did in 1913: “There’s no such thing as a bad child.”

Our community-based programs, residential treatment services, educational services and professional training represent the international standard of excellence in identifying, treating and healing trauma and pain-based behavior and building resiliency in children and adolescents.

Starr Commonwealth is internationally recognized as a leader in transformational programs for children, families, schools and communities.

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  1. I think this is an awesome event for all ages to come out an enjoy some music, different hands on activites and free lunch. Just get out the house and do something while on summer break enjoy the outdoors and be around different races of people.

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