A Courageous Kid

A two-time cancer survivor’s story of resilience

By Jackie Berg

Keep fighting. That’s the adage of cancer survivor Donald (DJ) Smith.

The remarkable college student has accomplished a lot within 22 years, but his greatest achievement to date is conquering a condition that might have defeated even the strongest of individuals.

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How Teen Entrepreneur Veunita Garrison Flipped Her Script

By Jackie Berg
First printed in the Michigan Chronicle

VenuitaThe cover tells the story. That’s the adage of the publication industry driven by consumer appeal.

If a consumer likes what he sees on a magazine cover, he’s more likely to want to look at what’s inside, according to Juan Sifuentes, a respected industry veteran known for his award-winning designs and graphic designer of the Michigan Chronicle’s LivingWELL Magazine.

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Much Love

Watch this great video about a community in Detroit that worked to improve their schools. Where they once had a graduation rate of under 50%, they now have 82 seniors graduating, all of whom were accepted to college. All it took was a new system to help the students learn that they can succeed.

“Success is contagious. That’s something that people don’t realize. Once you realize you can do it, you start finding that everything falls into place after that.”

We Choose Peace

Art can influence healing.

Working with the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children, Starr’s first Art of Resilience event was a special conference that commemorated the first anniversary of Sandy Hook. This presentation included faculty members from the elementary school who spoke not only about their experience, but how they were able to work with the survivors and their families to move through the trauma.

Each member of the audience for this presentation was invited to create a tile piece that represented healing, and the combined tiles were crafted together and donated to Starr Detroit Academy, a charter school in Detroit, Mich., under the title “We Choose Peace”.