The Art of Resilience Project and Starr Summer Youth Festival is driven by collaboration and partnerships. Starr would like to thank the following organizations for their support of this project:

ARISE Detroit

Arise Detroit is a broad-based coalition of community groups. Our mission is to launch a new wave of volunteerism for the many worthwhile programs and activities that are struggling with the issues that trouble our community – illiteracy, high school dropout rates, crime and youth violence, drug abuse, domestic abuse, neighborhood blight and unemployment.

It is our belief that everyone can play a role and render service, thereby having a greater impact on solving these chronic problems. Our goal is to unite the entire community — nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, the business community and the media — in an unprecedented call to action.

The Carr Center (venue for the Starr Summer Youth Festival)

The Arts League of Michigan (ALM) is a center that develops, promotes, presents and preserves the African and African-American cultural arts traditions within our multicultural community. Over the years, ALM has offered a wide array of programs, services and activities for both artists and audiences.

The development of the Carr Center is the next step in the evolution of the organization and moves to establish it and ALM as major participants in the cultural life of our community and the nation. Named in honor of Virgil H. Carr, past Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Arts League of Michigan, this facility will be recognized as the premier center for African and African-American cultural arts programs and activities in the nation.

City Connect Detroit

City Connect Detroit is a nonprofit agency that helps Detroit-area nonprofits and governments work together to solve local problems, and to mobilize funding in support of their work.

The agency was established in 2001 by local foundation and civic leaders, and has traditionally worked to solve issues affecting children, youth, and families; community health; and community development.

Since its founding, City Connect Detroit has organized more than 40 community problem solving initiatives, and helped raise more than $115 million in support of their work. The agency provides four primary services to the community.

New Detroit

New Detroit’s mission is “to work as the coalition of Detroit area leadership addressing the issue of race relations by positively impacting issues and policies that ensure economic and social equity.” The coalition is composed of leaders from civil rights & advocacy organizations, human services, health & community organizations, business, labor, foundations, education, and the media and serves as a private, non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

New Detroit, Inc. is a unique and valuable coalition where Southeast Michigan’s leaders come together to plan cooperative strategies and to demonstrate their commitment to the region. The coalition works to impact the actions of individuals and institutions by serving in a number of roles: advocate, catalyst, convener, and facilitator. Through advocacy and leadership by example, New Detroit has demonstrated new ways for solving specific community problems, as well as provide resources to community-based groups.

The Michigan Chronicle

The Michigan Chronicle newspaper has been the voice of the community in Detroit since 1936.

The Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO)

NSO is Neighborhood Service Organization, a 501(c)3 nonprofit human services agency serving our most vulnerable neighbors. NSO has been supporting the community for more than 55 years with innovative services. Some of our services are location-based, serving neighbors who come to us for help.  Other services focus on outreach, traveling out into the community, reaching people wherever they are.  Still other services are offered statewide through help lines and a network of professionals.

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